How To Get A Development Job

by Chance Smith

At Sodium Halogen, I get asked a lot on how to get a job, especially in the field of development. Just keep it simple and come ready to impress them with what you have and where you want to go. Here are some quick tips.

  • Show your work and passion. Create many small things regularly to skill up and show your work.
  • Sit on the shoulders of other cool-nerds. Job shadow as soon as you can and intern with a team you’re interested in.
  • Show them what their missing. Get to know a company you want to work for and learn about their needs/problems that you can solve. Share your solutions to those needs/problems, even if you are that solution.

Just start

I’m not saying you must do these in order. Just show them your are someone that really-really wants to learn and ready to impress.