Do It - Start an experiment

by Chance Smith

If everything is always changing.
How are we changing to adapt?
How do we adapt?

Just start an experiment.
Try something new.
Sure, ask for permission. But who can say “No” to trying something once?

a model of an experiment

It’s simple. Remove, add or replace a habit, clutter, friend, meeting time, etc…

experiments to try

  • archive all inboxed emails
  • unsubscribe from all emails
  • reduce your kids toys to 25%
  • reduce dishes in kitchen to just enough for one meal
  • limit focused work to 25mins, then take a break #pomodoro
  • at work, everyone goes headsdown for an hour right after lunch
  • make big goals or make small goals
  • plan your week, and don’t plan your next week

measuring your experiments

  • How do you feel? More self constraint or expansion?
  • Are you happy with the results? Continue, stop, or change?