Boys and Having Fewer Toys

by Chance Smith

After work each day, the time goes by so quickly before it’s time to get them in bed. Then on Saturdays, we are cleaning up their room or getting all their toys back into their room.

Carving out time for us

  • Where are we spending our time?
  • What would we rather be doing?

We were spending our time with our kids teaching them how to clean. Instead, we could teach them a life with fewer things so we can spend the time in another way.

Remove or limit the amount items you’re always cleaning

We started an experiment. We took out 3/4 of the toys and stuffed animals out of their room. Now, their room is easier/faster to clean.

If the kids want to switch out the toys that are stored, they can. We’ll help them do that.

Storing their toys is like a storage container

Once we put their toys in a big bin in a closet, they only ask to switch toys every few weeks. Yet, only 1/4 of the toys we stored ever get any attention.

Adults do the same thing with storage containers. Once the items go out of our sight, they truely have no use in our lives.