Advising Partner Questions

by Chance Smith

At Sodium Halogen, we meet with our team members every three months. These quarterly meetings have been great for each person to self-evaluate and get a temperature reading.

Since I stepped into an advisory role when joining the Lifeway team, the quarterly questions didn’t apply to an advisor.

Here are the questions I came up with for our advising partner check-ups.

Partner Quarterly Questions

  1. What is your take on our current strategy and progress?
  2. What can you provide to help us achieve our goals?
  3. What do you expect for the SH over the next three months?
  4. What are you worried about? (risk mgm, self, team, projects, etc.)
  5. What are your thoughts on our financial performance?
  6. What opportunities do you see for SH?
  7. What about any industry trends SH should know about?

The point is

As business owners, this practice and set of questions allow us to quickly catch up and set expectations.

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