Communicate Bedar Part 1: Clear Diction

by Chance Smith

We talk, type, whisper, present, and wink. So many ways to communicate with each other; it’s crucial that we do it well. Over the next few days, we’ll explore many ways to be excellent in your communication with others.

1. Clear Diction

I come from a line of southern mumblers. Recording videos of myself over the last ten years has done wonders for bringing enthusiasm and clear diction into everyday interactions with others.

Let’s be intentional about our diction, whether it’s nature or nurture. Take moments to practice while you are driving or riding the elevator alone.

Repeat this phrase as practice. Say each syllable slowly and as big as your mouth can go.

Enunciate, articulate, exaggerate

Also, repeating tongue twisters is a fantastic way to bring out your very best diction.

The point is

We want others to understand what we say. Surfacing the consonants and putting space between our words helps greatly.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about words we can avoid to be understood more.


I was once sick, and a kid in my wife’s children’s program wanted to send me a get-well card. The front of the card read, “Get Bedar.” That phrase has stuck with us for a decade now. I can say I go bedar, and I appreciated his communication.