Win-win-wins Part 3: Activity Stacking with Others

by Chance Smith

We’re continuing the topic of Activity Stacking; there is no easier way to stack important activities together than by adding people to your Activity Stacking practice.

If you wish to prioritize family, friends, and community, include them in the areas you want to improve.

Examples of Activity Stacking with Others

  • events, hobbies, friends: You’ll be with people you love while meeting new people at an event about a hobby you enjoy.
  • family, reading, speaking: Read a book together will help with speaking (projection, diction, etc.) and literacy. Read with your kids!
  • family, exercise, outside: Go for a hike together or ride your bike.
  • community, games, learn: Join a local chess club for a night to meet new people, play a game, and learn with people that love to learn.

Include any group of people you like.

The point is

An easy way to find a win-win-win is to include someone else in your Activity Stacking practice.