Collaboration Part 6: Communicate For 5 Minutes

by Chance Smith

The 5on2 is the first of three methods for frequent communication to collaborate better.

Ask for a 5on2

A 5on2 is a 5-minute conversation about any work that will take 2 hours or more. This quick sync-up clarifies how well the work is going and the direction its headed.

During a 5on2, share a list of the next few steps in the up coming work and ask questions of each other. Finally, discuss any potential roadblocks and then call it done. Easy as that.

Sure, 5on2s could be more than once per day, but it’s most common to do this quick sync-up once the day starts.

The point is

A quick 5 minutes gives all confidence that everyone is thinking the same thing.

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss the Thin Slices method.