Collaboration Part 8: Work Out Loud

by Chance Smith

The third method of frequent communication is WOL (work out loud).

Working out loud gives updates about what you’ve done recently and what is coming next. It’s also an excellent opportunity to discuss blockers if you have one.

You might say, “But Chance, isn’t this a more noisy method of standup?” And you would be correct, but this helps reduce the meetings and gives everyone an insight into what’s happening.

What does a WOL look like?

WOL: I just finished writing this post. Now, I’m looking at starting tomorrow’s post.

You can get extra credit if you give quick options the team can vote on.

WOL: I’m stuck on latest customer request.

Options (emoji vote)
1️⃣ ask #help channel
2️⃣ email customer with questions
3️⃣ ask @adam for help
4️⃣ hold off until tomorrow

How often should I Work out loud?

First of the day, and if your work is blocked, plans change, or starting a new task.

The point is

You can dial in the frequency of updates. Working out loud is one of three methods to collaborate well (5on2, Thin-Slices, WOL).

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