Tackling Yourself First: Not the Results

by Chance Smith

As I go through the day and dealing with all of the projects I have in the air, I feel that I am struggling to win. The desire for a perfect website layout, business model, or blog post is always imminent. I am in need of just focusing on a few things. I also need to take on these few tasks with small burst of intensity. As we know the hard part is not getting results but getting us to do what we need to. We fight perfection, overwhelming todo lists, and distractions all day.

“How” is more important than “complete” or “completing.” The path is just as important as the destination.

OK, enough with the proverbs. It is best to tackle one task at a time. Use these scheduled times, you set to work on your task, with intense energy. It’s also great to take down ideas about other tasks as you think of them, but do not dwell on them. Just write down your ideas and get back to the project at hand. Try those few ideas on for size and commit the next three to memory.

  • Nothing Has To Be Perfect- It will never be complete. Remember that! Come to grips with that. If you want to tweak it later that is OK. Think of your projects as friends. If you cater to their needs when they need you, your friends will give back to you in return. Give yourself a stopping point, either by time or task. Post it! Good enough is OK! Your projects will not do anything if they sit on the shelf. Procrastination = waste of time.
  • Make A List Of Tasks For Today- Make a list of 2-3 things you need to tackle and put them in your pocket or on your desk. Make it your goal to finish them before you eat lunch. Lunch can be your reward.
  • Stop Interruptions- Communicate your need for 2.5 hours without interruptions. Let everyone know you are clocking out, so that you can clock in. Emergencies are possible but they should be super rare.
You'll find the results you want when you get yourself under control. Remember these as you roll through your day.
Nothing will be perfect but it can be done well.

If I don’t have a todo list for before lunch my day is shot.

I need large amounts of time without distraction to be productive.

What do you struggle with the most: Perfection, overwhelming ToDo lists, and Distractions?