Productivity: One Thing At A Time

by Chance Smith

There is so much to do this week with work, traveling, family, and Thanksgiving  The one thing to have every morning is a todo list, if we are going to get everything done. Whether we make a list for the week or one every morning, it’s best to have a method to the execution of the list. The first step to our productivity is planning where we want to be by the end of the day.

Before the week is completely over, check out my sample weekly todo list post.

My biggest concern is completing the list. I won’t deny that it is difficult. I know I have a successful week ahead of me when I have a quarter of my weekly list done within the first two days. I highly recommend that you start with a small list so you can find success and motivation to push yourself a little more next week.

The biggest task I have to conquer every week is the task of one. I find myself working on two or three at once. I put myself in a unending juggling act. It works so mcuh better for me to do one todo item to completion. I feel more productive and accomplished having the opportunity to mark off something form my list. The faster I can check mark a item done the more energized about the rest of my list.


Stick to one task until you have done all that you wanted to finish for the week in that area. Block out the time it will take you took finish it. Aim to have no interruptions during this period. You will finish the marketing plan for next month much faster if you don’t have to deliver yourself from distraction every 20mins.  Now you have less to do on your list and more accomplished.

Find some motivation with my Monthly Motivation download. I have the new one coming out the first of next month.

Happy Thanksgiving!