Motivation: Growing Strength, Smiles, and Perspective

by Chance Smith

We just got back from our yearly travels to see our families. We are very happy to be home again though. We got our Christmas tree up, thanks to my wife, and watched Polar Express and Arthur Christmas. Still need to finish Arthur Christmas tonight. It was a glorious date night together with popcorn and “hot hot hot, hot chocolate.”

Seeing the tree and the movies are so uplifting! Some years are harder to be happy about the holidays. Whether it is stress from work or family relations, these areas get us down. It is so important to know that we can do nothing to make work better or a families more sain expect for changing how we feel about them. I have the control of myself to help Joe create better email campaigns but I can’t control him to do it. I can’t get my uncle to shut up but I can be find ways to enjoy his company. I am the problem, but I am also the solution.

Realigning perspective is what the holidays are for. There are many ways to find motivation to get things done and find happiness along the way. Happiness comes after the feeling of accomplishment that comes after getting things done and done well. Bake a perfect and tasty pie and you will smile. Send a genuine Thank You card and it will build a warm fire in your heart. Walk a mile and you will have found the down time you wanted. Down time can come from your accomplishments too. You will find no accomplishment out of doing something half way. Think before you stop early.

Find your motivation this week. I use Pinterest for my own Motivation Candy. I enjoy podcasts, books, and magazines too. These sources give me ideas on how to do a task better. I find that other peoples’ success gives me motivation. Keep looking for what motivates you because it takes strength to get past today.