Contextual Gifs With Snow Gifs

by Chance Smith

It’s winter, close to Christmas and I couldn’t resist getting some new gifs in. I even added a little snow to them. I figured why need be contextual to the season with my gifs.

Remeber, this is how I exceed our clients expectations and have my emails standout. It’s all about animated gifs.

I pulled Luke Pennington, from Sodium Halogen, in to help show our customers how much fun we have serving them.

Also, just a great 20min rabbit hole away from our laptops and screens. Worth it.

Here are the gifs and how I’ll use them:

ME: “Operators standing by…in the snow. #gif” chance smith and luke pennington spinning

ME: “Task is done. Hi5 time! #gif” chance smith and luke pennington high fives

ME: “How about some snowy thumbs to celebrate! #gif” chance smith and luke pennington thumbs up

See the lot of my gifs: